For a year at least, we kept saying that “we are ready to welcome you back”, and you have listened to us!

We welcome this great energy toward France, and this, from all over the world. We missed it so much and now we finally have the reward of our perseverance and positive attitude during the pandemic. Resilience? Not only. It is a state of mind that sets LAFAYETTE Group apart. We adopted a low profile, dramatically reduced our budgets and standard of living but have not let go any of our employees for financial reasons.  

We are still on business, and it means a lot in terms of financial stability.

The number of requests that we have received these past weeks and the growing interest that you are showing are phenomenal. Now we feel again confident about the future (the UEFA Champions league final in Paris next May, the Rugby World Cup in 2023, the Olympics in 2024, some impressive and confirmed Incentives, etc…) and therefore, we have started hiring new staff in all our offices.

35 years of confidence means a lot to us! You have proved it to us during these rough times and it is our turn now to thank you with our expertise and professionalism, delivering you the best programs and events that you have never had before.  

Contact us to create your new story in France & Monaco