Meet our amazing partner Le Negresco Hotel in Nice with Véronique Jeannot.

Just like a happy surprise which is constantly renewed, for over a century the Hôtel Negresco Nice has been writing the legend of Nice and the French Riviera on a daily basis.

With its majestic decor, The Negresco is the perfect place to hold an extraordinary event. Empire suite or contemporary design? “Street art” or canopy bed? The Negresco is a blend of antique and contemporary. Fitted-out with period furniture and paintings, each of the 100 rooms and 25 suites tells you a story, that of the great eras of French art.

Bring together the Napoleon style with the 21st century, the decor of Versailles with the Mediterranean Sea…Play with contrasts and surprise your guests with a unique selection of French artwork from the 17th century to today. From a cocktail on the terrace facing the sea, to a gala dinner in the ballroom, choose your style and we will take care of the rest

At the Negresco, luxury and history come together to give you an experience which is unique in the world.

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Véronique Jeannot, Senior Sales Manager at Le Negresco